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Question:  I purchased a computer without an operating system like Windows so what do I need to do.


Answer:  The computers we sell come ready to boot from a Windows 10 DVD or USB Stick.  To install just place your DVD in the DVDRW and restart your computer.  The computer will then boot from your DVD and start the installation process.  The DVD needs to be a full version and Microsoft original, copies from other manufacturers won’t work and are not allowed by Microsoft.  Once Windows is installed you will need to run the drivers CD’s to load the drivers for the video, sound and Ethernet.


Question:  I have installed Windows on my new computer but I am not getting any Sound from my speakers, my video is scrolling slow, and my Internet connection will not work.


Answer:  You need to install the drivers for your devices.  First you will need to run your motherboard CD to install the drivers for your sound, Ethernet, and video if your video is onboard.  Then run the VGA drivers CD to install the drivers for your video card and if you have a Wireless card you will need to install the drivers for it from the wireless driver CD.



Question:  I started to load Windows and it is saying no harddrive attached.


Answer:  More than likely the serial ATA cable that connects the harddrive to the computer or the serial ATA power cable came loose during shipping.  To fix you will need to open the side of the case and make sure the cable is plugged firmly into both the motherboard and the harddrive then make sure the power cable going into the harddrive is also firmly attached.


Question:  Computer will not boot from the DVDRW Drive.


Answer:  The power or sata cable may have came loose during shipping.  You will need to open the side of the case and make sure that there is a serial ata cable and power cable both firmly plugged into the drive.  Then make sure the sata cable is firmly plugged into the motherboard.


Question:  I just turned on my computer and the fans are spinning but no video is coming on the screen.


Answer:  If you are not getting any video then first make sure your monitor is plugged into the correct spot.  On some systems we sell they have both onboard video and a video card.  If this is the case then you must have the video cable plugged into the video card and not the onboard adapter since it will be disabled.


Question:  I just pushed the power button on the computer and nothing happened.


Answer:  First check and make sure the switch on the back of the case is set to the on position.  After that is done press the power button on the front of the case.   If that does not work then it is possible that a power cable inside the case came loose.  You will need to open the side of the case and make sure that both the 20 pin ATX connector and the 4 pin ATX connector from the power supply are firmly secured to the motherboard.  In rare cases these can come loose during shipping.


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