What sets us apart from other online computer manufacturers?

  • Fast shipment.We ship all orders 5-7 business days after order is received. We are more than a week faster than most custom computer builders. Plus since we are located in the Midwest, Ground delivery is only 1-4 business days.

  • Low Shipping. Most online computer manufacturers charge upto $100 to ship your system. Our Ground shipping is free. We are not out to make money on shipping.

  • Low Prices. Feel free to compare our prices with our competition. Not only do we offer high quality custom computers but we also have the lowest prices.

  • Fair damage policy. If your item arrives damaged or defective we will replace it at no cost to you. We will send you a FedEx return label to return the item for replacement. Most merchants make you pay to return broken items! We don't think that's right.

  • Responsiveness. We answer all emails quickly, within an hour during business hours and within 24 hours on weekends. If you have a problem or question, we won't make you wait days to hear from us. We're honest. If our product won't meet your needs, we'll tell you up front. We would rather miss a sale than create headaches for both of us.

  • Communication. We keep you informed every step of the way...you will receive an email when order is received, and when the item is shipped. We always send the tracking number to you, so you will know when your package is due to arrive.

  • Quality. eCollegePC only uses quality components from manufacturers such as ASUS, Gigabyte, Corsair, and Thermaltake in our computers. If you check out our configurator you will notice that we do not carry any cheap cases or power supplies. Most of our competitors use cheap power supplies that overstate wattage. Anytime you purchase a computer make sure to ask for the model number and brand of the power supply used so you can research it.

  • Long Term. eCollegePC is here for the long run. We have been in business for over 14 years. Lifehacker named eCollegePC as one of the Top 5 Custom PC Builders Top 5 Custom PC Builders.