Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I'm having problems getting my order to go through.
Answer: In order for the shopping cart system to work you will need to have your cookies enabled. To do this go to tools on your browser. Then go to internet options. At the top privacy is listed you will need to click there and move the bar until it says accept all cookies. Your order should go through fine now, if it does not or you are getting a error message send us an email and we will address it for you.

Question: Are all the parts on your custom builders compatible.
Answer: Yes we have designed each builder so that the parts are all compatible. We also review each order after it is placed and we will email you if we see any possible issues. If you are not sure on a configuration send us an email and we will be glad to help.

Question: Is their an operating system installed in the computer?
Answer: Unless stated, no OS is installed. On our customize page we offer Windows 10 Home and Professional. If purchased the OS will come installed with DVD, manual and COA. If you are not familiar with the installation of an operating system we suggest you purchase one with your system.

Question: Do your computers come assembled?
Answer: All the computers we sell come assembled and tested. All you will need to do is load your OS or if you purchase it from us your computer will come ready to go out of the box.

Question: If I order a PC will I receive a confirmation of order and shipment.
Answer: Once your order has been received we will email you the invoice with your order details. Once the package has been sent you will also receive a Tracking number. If for any reason you do not receive these please email us and will will send you the information promptly.

Question: I just ordered a computer when can I expect it to arrive?
Answer: All our PC's are custom built. Orders will ship 7-10 business days after order received. If for any reason there is a delay we will send you an email and let you know.